The beauty of what is integrated
Visually inappreciable from the exterior integrated and camouflaged in the heart of this privileged plot located in Pollensa, is where El Torrent is found , a project developed by Minimal Studio. Through its sinuous entrance, where the vegetation and landscaping take on a special role, we access its interior
At all times, the least alteration of its outer skin has been sought, repairing and discovering its original stone layer , reconstructing specific elements that conform it with s tone elements recovered from the same plot, which show us the same imperfections and temporary evolutionary wear that the other existing materials.
When entering its interior, the character of the house evolves towards a markedly minimalist and neat aesthe tic, without neglecting the connection and link with the existing recovered elements. The rough stone combines with the delicacy of brushed copper and M arquina marble, accentuated by a linear and precise lighting, which guides us through out the house and v isually defines for us the elementary volumes that make up this project.

Project Management & Design: J. David M. Jofre
Copyright: Arturo+Lauren