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RTF Awards, the award for excellence in architecture and design

The architecture awards have an increasing role across the planet and among them, stand out awards such as the RTF Awards, one of the most recognized in the field of architecture and design. This year, the RTF Awards celebrate their 10th edition with the launch of Rethinking The Future Awards 2021, their most recent architecture […]
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Design and architecture competitions in 2021

For the last several years, our studio has grown and has provided valuable projects in which we have opted for the natural evolution of our essence. Day by day, we have communicated the development of new designs as well as our appearance in the specialized press and participation in different calls related to the world […]
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Minimalism and sustainability

It is clear, that current architecture is the result of numerous artistic movements and social changes that have given it a versatile character. The thirst to make a responsible use of resources joins the need to generate increasingly bright spaces which will allow us to comfortably inhabit the natural space.
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Maderó Atelier by Minimal Studio

On the occasion of the collaboration of our studio with Maderó Atelier, we carry out the design of solutions for bathroom products, which the firm will make available to its clients. We worked under the concept of the matter itself and purity in order to join together in creating the designed pieces. The highlights of […]
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In Praise of the Shadows, an Essay on Beauty

“In the West, the most powerful ally of beauty was always light; in traditional Japanese aesthetics, the essential thing is to capture the enigma of the shadow ”. Thus begins Junichiro Tanizaki’s essay which affirms that there is no beauty separate from the effect of shadows. This relevant Japanese writer from the last century, considered […]
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Integral reform: Barber’s Club “The Razor Blade Project”

When a specific client has created the need, or presents the opportunity, to face a new business venture or business expansion through an integral reform, the first thing that worries him is the total cost that the investment will reach. This final cost or project closure is influenced by an infinity of parameters, which we […]
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Concrete and wood: Beauty and the beast

Concrete has always been characterized as a cold element, associated with brutalism, with clearly an industrial aesthetic. Largely due to its greyish hue and cold touch. Giving it a rough look, absent of emotions. At Minimal Studio we use the synergy of materials such as concrete and natural wood, creating a precise balance between the […]
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La importancia de la iluminación en la arquitectura

La iluminación es un factor relevante en cualquier ambiente a pesar de que suele obviarse. La luz es un componente indispensable en la arquitectura. Es la muestra de la diferenciación de las actividades en los espacios. En Minimal Studio somos conscientes de la importancia de la luz en la arquitectura, que además en nuestro caso, […]
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Minimal, estudio de arquitectura y diseño multicisciplinar

¿Cómo y de dónde surge Minimal Studio? Entre estas líneas desvelamos de dónde emerge el estudio de arquitectura y diseño multidisciplinar. Todo comienza con la necesidad de expresar la forma de entender la arquitectura y el diseño como un todo, por ello crea Minimal Studio. Making of El vídeo corporativo crea un contraste que resulta […]
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Hormigón, un material muy presente en Minimal Studio

Edificaciones sin revestir, ausencia de elementos superfluos y austeridad. Así es como uno generalmente se puede llegar a imaginar el brutalismo, el estilo arquitectónico siempre presente en Minimal Studio. Especializados en arquitectura, interiorismo y diseño de producto. Queremos aprovechar estas líneas de hoy para profundizar en una de nuestras principales áreas: el interiorismo, donde podemos […]
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