Minimal Studio was born from the hands of Juan David Martínez Jofre with the objective of raising the execution of the work to the same level as the design or decoration.

Our multidisciplinary studio is composed of an architect, engineer and interior designer specialized in interior design, architecture, creation of furniture and decorative elements.

At Minimal Studio we understand that each project and client is unique and different. For this reason we work in a personalized way, meeting the needs of each one, and improving your expectations to elevate each creation, giving importance to every detail.

We are in the north of Mallorca, although our work extends throughout the island, as well as to Ibiza, Barcelona, Marbella... Therefore, our clients, who trust in our work as Project Manager at the time of executing projects, come from diverse countries.


We offer a comprehensive architecture service, providing each project with the most complete professional team. Thus, we offer the possibility of managing the different phases of architecture, interior design and execution of work.


We project the interior design of the homes, which each person idealizes, taking into account the location, needs or objectives, among other things. For this reason, at Minimal Studio we work side by side with the client, adapting each idea to the reality of the project.


Our objective is for each business to be so unique, different and special that it stands out among the others until it becomes a benchmark in its sector. For this reason, we offer our own and unique design, taking into account its projection and its possibilities.


We are specialized in product development. We design specific products with the aim of transmitting, through aesthetics and functionality, the soul and ideology of the brand it represents.