Architecture and interior design studio | Minimal Studio
MINIMAL STUDIO is a cross-disciplinary studio based in Alcúdia, Mallorca, directed by the architect, engineer and interior designer, Juan David Martínez Jofre. MINIMAL STUDIO specialises in interior design, architecture, modular housing and the creation of bespoke furniture and ornamental accessories. All the projects that we carry out, regardless of their characteristics and requirements, stand out for the quality of the work delivered. Our main objective and raison d'être is to bring the design and execution of the work to the same level of perfection. That is why at MINIMAL STUDIO design and execution unite, develop and evolve together.

1  -  Interior design

Thinking and planning each project together, down to the last detail, is our main concern when preparing new interior designs, be it for a home or a business. That is why at Minimal Studio we go deep with our clients, transforming their ideas into innovative solutions and meaningful products.

2  -  Integral reform

Minimal Studio aims at the definitive reform. We specialise in integral reforms of all types of business premises, homes and buildings.

3  -  Architecture

We carry out an extensive architectural study, providing the project with a team of master designers, responsible for the different phases of the project: creation of spaces, engineering, interior design and work execution.

4  -  Product design

We specialize in product development, and we design compelling products. We want the design we give a product to convey the values and philosophy of the brand it represents.