E.F. Schumacher
The property requested the integral renovation of the home, which presented poor living and aesthetic conditions. Therefore, we proceeded with the total demolition of the existing interior cladding.

The objective of this project was to provide the space with great luminosity and visual amplitude, offering the color white, as the protagonist. Combined with natural coating like untreated pine wood, it creates a light and fresh atmosphere.

Part of the internal partitioning was demolished with the objective to obtain a set of open spaces. Distributed in living room-kitchen, bedroom and bathroom.
The existing facilities in the house have been replaced in their entirety, paying special attention to the lighting. Removing all the elements on the surface, to embed the different points of light on the existing slab and integrating hidden LED lighting, giving the house greater height and visual volume.

With the purity and power of white, protagonist in the project's cladding, natural light is enhanced, entering through the new front windows, which create a connection with outside terrace, illuminating the entire house with natural light.

The kitchen has been installed on an uncoated concrete block wall, giving the project a brutalist nod, by contrast subtracting the warmth provided by the noble wood.
The bathroom has been designed with a clear industrial aesthetic, where classic white ceramic tile is combined, with joint and concrete pavement, highlighting the false ceiling, executed with a collaborative metal sheet.

The general furniture of the house has been carefully selected, paying special attention to its visual lightness and functional versatility. With exceptions at a chromatic level, to provide brushstrokes of color, which speed up the visual acuity of the rooms.

Architect: J.David M. Jofre
Copyright: Art Sánchez Photography