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Located a few meters from the bay of Alcudia, a location with a special charm in the north of Mallorca, is Cocoa. An evolving urban cocktail bar, camouflaged with natural elements of the area, with native vegetation and rocky elements which are used as a decorative and separative element of the different ambiances that are proposed in this novel concept.
One of the main characteristics of this project is its neat chromatic scale, which defines and shapes ambiences through geometric cuts throughout the establishment.

The pavement blends in with the vertical walls, unifying its color scale and creating a continuous visual effect, where the rest of the elements seem to remain suspended throughout the space.
The conjunction of natural elements and the continuity of its surfaces, together with its pleasant color scheme, make up this special urban Oasis.

Project Management & Design:
J.David Martínez Jofre

Copyright: Art Sanchez