Minimal Office
Puerto de Alcúdia, Mallorca
The office project of Minimal Studio, is located in the coastal area of Puerto de Alcudia, a privileged location where the breath of the sea is appreciated.

Due to the limitations caused by a very contained interior surface, maximum light has been sought by large frontal and perimeter windows, giving the room an immense sense of spaciousness, creating a projection of the interior to the exterior, and vice versa, using the landscape as a natural canvas that gives us this geographical enclave.

The space has been designed through the combination of pure materials, in which the imperfections of its execution and manual work are appreciated, in addition to the passage of time. Searching for a line of general aging in totality of all the finishings that make up the establishment.
The distressed aged oak wood is integrated and connected with the concrete walls and coverings, as the corten steel roof blends with the nudity of the steel structure from the heart of the concrete wall, which creates a separation, differentiating the two main rooms.

A main volume of reinforced concrete has been designed, which forms a sculptural work table highlighting the character of the establishment, fusing with the rest of the pavement of the same material.

In the meeting room we played with the suspension of the central table, creating a structure covered in corten steel, which remains suspended in the air, giving the room a feeling of amplitude and necessary volatility.
When the sun goes down, the interior lighting takes on special importance. We’ve played with the indirect perimeter lighting, which teaches us, suggests to us, creates a visual tour for us and a direct lighting which allows us to maintain the clarity of work required.

Designed by: J. David M. Jofre
Copyright: Art Sanchez Photography