Una minimalista proposición
Alcudia, Mallorca
When we received the proposal to delve into the integral project of interior design and decoration of this place, we did not hesitate for a moment. Its enormous potential and characteristics captivated us, as well as the challenge of facing the project in record time.

At the moment of accessing the building, it was clear that the design would be characterized by clear brutalistic nods. Where nature in the materials will shine by itself, without cladding or superfluous elements. There is no middle ground, you take it or leave it, the material is what it is.

The installation of pipes, ducts and other technical facilities were left exposed as a decorative element, integrating itself into the atmosphere of the space.
The fundamental premise was to merge, as much as possible, with the initial design of the building, so we started a sequence of equidistances, which transport us to a beautiful set of angles, generating the appearance of a singular geometric figure, the scalene triangle.

The scalene triangle is characterized by the unevenness of its sides and angles, which add up to 180º. This polygon forms the main elements of the premises, integrating perfectly with the existing architecture of the space.

A large central scale bar was much appreciated in the interior, covered with marble porcelain, Negro Marquina finish. The sober, elegant and dark material, accentuate its vivid vertices even more, generating a great sense of depth, topped with black Core countertop.

Sheltered by a triangular bottle rack, suspended in the air by iron chains, accentuating the industrial aesthetic of the room.
Lighting has played a fundamental role in the ambiance of the premises. By combining the dynamic light of day and controlled artificial lighting, we have been able to instigate and provoke different visual experiences and moods. Due to the proposed lighting, it has been possible to perceive different atmospheres in the same physical environment.

Big projects, are nourished by small details, the sum forms a unique product. Without detail there is no project.

Every corner, every element, every room ... has been designed and projected meticulously, paying special attention to small decisions. Which has resulted in a perfect visual synergy, where everything fits, where each element is the prolongation of the other.

Designer: Juan David M. Jofre
Copyright: Art Sanchez photography