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Nothing is more gratifying than transition as a generational change maintaining the original essence and concept, the aura with which it all began, hand in hand with aesthetics and evolved technology. This is how C’an Pantina was born.

Located between the walls of the old town of the historic city of Pollentia. Its stone façade forms a continuation of the sculptural remains formed by the old wall that protected this beautiful city.
As we enter its interior, we can appreciate the fusion of concrete with geometric pieces of asymmetric clay pavers, combined with aged wood and chains, affected by the evolution of rust. Giving the establishment a rough, serene appearance, sweetened by its adaptation to it with accentuated colored velvety elements.
Its roof forms a horizontal landscaping throughout the establishment. A large glassed area physically separates the heart of the project, an immense kitchen visually open to the public.

 Project Management & Design:
J.David Martínez Jofre

Art Sanchez