Design in old town
Alcudia, Mallorca
This peculiar and personal loft is located alongside the walls of the characteristic and picturesque old town of Alcudia. The original home responded to a very common typology of traditional housing or village house between medians, which is accessed from the street through a narrow staircase. The existence of small rooms dominated, devoid of lighting and vital living space.
Given such fragmentation of space, and prioritizing the need to create an aura of spaciousness, the project was proposed as a loft, in which the only closed room is the multi-purpose room and bathroom. In this way all the interior partitions are suppressed to generate a single and ample space, in which the life of the dwelling takes place.

Special attention is paid to the conservation of certain elements which are brought to light or reinterpreted, creating a connection between the past and the future of this dwelling.
The original sandstone enclosure is exposed, as well as the framing of an existing antique stone wall. 

The new kitchen is designed by contrast in grey tones that highlight its volumes on the old wall, with a modern and clean image, which moves away from textures, colors and shapes found in the rest of the preserved carpentry.

Architect: J. David M. Jofre
Copyright: Art Sanchez Photography