RTF Awards, el premio a la excelencia en arquitectura y diseño | Minimal Studio

RTF Awards, the award for excellence in architecture and design

The architecture awards have an increasing role across the planet and among them, stand out awards such as the RTF Awards, one of the most recognized in the field of architecture and design. This year, the RTF Awards celebrate their 10th edition with the launch of Rethinking The Future Awards 2021, their most recent architecture award.

What are the RTF Awards?

RTF Awards, el premio a la excelencia en arquitectura y diseño | Minimal Studio
The RTF Awards (Rethinking The Future Architecture) was born a decade ago with the aim of recognizing the best architecture and design works from around the world. In the words of Vikas Pawar, founder of Rethinking The Future, “Fostering independent thinking and architectural innovation has been one of the guiding principles since the inception of RTF. The aim of these awards is to raise awareness of the strategies that architects and designers from around the world are employing to face contemporary global challenges and to bring to light the best of such projects to inspire the next generation”.

In this latest edition, the RTF Awards are hosting projects belonging to a wide range of categories, although the most prominent are architecture, interior design, landscape design, product design, exhibition, architectural lighting and urban design.

The projects will be evaluated by a jury made of established academics, creative design professionals, members of the press and entrepreneurs with experience in the architecture and design sector.

The winners will be announced on August 15, 2021 and the lucky ones will become part of various public relation campaigns. In addition, their names will appear on a large number of platforms both print and digital.

The participation of Minimal Studio in the RTF Awards

RTF Awards, el premio a la excelencia en arquitectura y diseño | Minimal Studio
We, at Minimal Studio, have not wanted to miss the opportunity to participate in the RTF Awards with two of our projects: Ca’n Rudayla, an impressive house located in a gorge on the island of Ibiza; and Lledoner, a very special project that is located in a remote place in the north of Mallorca.
"Minimal Studio will participate in the RTF Awards with Ca'n Rudayla and Lledoner”
After the success obtained with the presentation of Chloe and Ca'n Rudayla to the A'Design Award & Competition awards, where we obtained the Iron A'Design Award, we are once again committed to promoting the recognition of our architecture and design studio by participating in the tenth edition of the RTF Awards.