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Maderó Atelier by Minimal Studio

On the occasion of the collaboration of our studio with Maderó Atelier, we carry out the design of solutions for bathroom products, which the firm will make available to its clients. We worked under the concept of the matter itself and purity in order to join together in creating the designed pieces. The highlights of the project were based on the process of selecting monolithic stone pieces and sculpting them, giving rise to sculptures in the form of bathroom pieces which were functional at the same time.
“Fashion passes. Style remains”
– Maderó Atelier
They are not the first bathroom designs made by David Martinez Jofre, head of the Minimal Studio company, although in this case he has had the total freedom offered by the Maderó Atelier team. It is an exquisite job, the result of the synergies formed by the engineering and factory team, together with whom it has been really easy to translate the idea from paper into reality.
“Instead of considering different disciplines, we propose links until we reach a final visual - aesthetic result”.
– J. David Martínez Jofre - Minimal Studio

The transmission of the conceptual idea

The bathroom space has evolved in relation to the rest of the spaces in the house. It has moved from an ousted room in the project to a main design element openly integrated. In the future, bathroom will probably be fully integrated into the living space of the home, camouflaged with the rest of the elements. Therefore, it is essential to find a balance between beauty and functionality in its design.
“The aim of Minimal Studio is always focused on transmitting the passion and personal vision of each project to those who will be involved in it, whether it’s a property or a product”.
– J- David Martínez Jofre - Minimal Studio
Conveying our personal vision is the only possible way to achieve the desired result. Each client and project are different, this fact leads us to create and design specifically for a concrete prototype. We believe that the moment of communicating the idea to the client and seeing how he/she is imaging and assimilating that concept is one of the most gratifying within each project.
Maderó Atelier is the manufacturer behind the materialization of the design, with whom we have collaborated on different projects. We greatly value their ability to work and execute with natural elements and materials. An aesthetic line highly consistent with our ideology.
Thanks to their exceptional team, shaping the desired idea has been a very quick and easy task since they solved the hidden and technical details in an impeccable way.