Sea Breeze
Port of Alcúdia, Mallorca
This house is located in a strategic enclave of the Mediterranean coast, in the first row sea front of the Port of Alcúdia. The objective of the remodel was clear, the idea was to connect the interior with the exterior. We wanted the sea and the mountain to enter the house, that is why all the rooms open some of their walls outwards. For example, the living room connects with the porch through a large sliding glass door, and both spaces are transformed into a single room. Framing the sea and the mountain, as if it were a canvas.
The terrace joins the Mediterranean through the extension of the living room and outside terrace.

The property requested a clean, bright and practical environment. We placed our bet on pure materials, where stone and wood, together with the predominant white, give the house an aura of neatness.

Touches of green highlight the connection between sea and mountain.
Architect: J. David M. Jofre
Copyright: Art Sanchez Photography