Bonaire, Mallorca
This spectacular villa designed by Agc Arquitectura studio was received at Minimal Studio as a remodel and interior design project. Located in Paraíso de Bonaire, a privileged enclave on the island of Mallorca. Where the house clad in wood, blends with the pinewood that surrounds the outside environment.

The house had a spectacular original volumetry, which we kept intact, providing not only a note of personality, but also a reflection of the way it was designed and built.

Wood reigns among the materials present throughout all of the construction. Its façades are clad with it, giving great warmth as a whole, in combination with the interior concrete pavement and remaining white walls, create a perfect chromatic experience.
The walls and exterior pavements are covered with the same material, generating a pleasant visual uniformity, perfectly integrated into the environment.

The interior distribution has been organized according to its orientation, providing the house with strategic natural light, through the daily movement of the sun.

The heart of the house is found in the main living room, which communicate that the area is a space for day and night, by means of a cantilevered central staircase covered with wood, which connect the different rooms on the first floor with a translucent glass walkway.

Part of the interior furniture has been designed and custom-made by Minimal Studio. To provide the space with visual lightness, the glass has been fused with natural materials, such as aged French oak and marble stone.
White has been chosen for the rest of the furniture, in constant contrast with the rest of the wood paneling, with a minimalist rectilinear geometry, adapting perfectly to the geometrical rigor present throughout the construction.

The swimming pool stands out for its simplicity of rectangular lines, emphasized by its longitudinal overflow, covered with Calacatta type stoneware, surrounded by a whitish stone pavement. 

Subtle lighting has been sought, through the integration of luminaries hidden in interior ceilings and suspended luminaries on the first floor.

On the outside, the curtain of light stands out indirectly in the interior of the pool, as well as the rest of the spot lights that give each room a pleasant ambient light.

Interior design: J.David M. Jofre 
Architecture: Arnaldo Gual (Agc Arquitectura)
Copyright: Art Sánchez Photography