Loewe Craft Prize
The senses delight in things that have the right proportions. Saint Thomas Aquinas
At Minimal Studio we are pleased to announce the final result of the participation in the Loewe Craft Prize contest.

For such an event, Minimal Studio designed and manufactured the Golden Ratio 144/89 chair, a unique piece designed and manufactured following the basic premises of the 144/89 golden number = 1,618.

The selected material to elaborate the main structure of the Golden Ratio 144/89 was aged French oak, for its spectacular natural beauty and multiple imperfections, combined with a material of amazing visual lightness: the high density methacrylate.
Elaborated in a completely handmade way, it forms a chair of divine proportions.

What does natural phenomena as disparate as the arrangement of the seeds of a sunflower, the elegant spiral drawn by the shells of mollusks or the geometry of a rose have in common? What geometric pattern of unsurpassed harmony is hidden behind the work of great and renowned artists? The answer is a simple number, called divine proportion or golden number 1,618.
If we draw a rectangle whose side is the result of multiplying the shortest by 1,618, we will obtain a rectangle whose side’s proportions are the golden number. If we subtract a table of length equal to the short side, we will get a new golden rectangle of a smaller size, if we repeat the process we will obtain the attached figure in continuation. 

Designer: J. David M. Jofre
Copyright: José Urbano