We will not make the mistake of thinking that design is something that is applicable at the end of the process, but is rather an essential term, which must be present at the beginning of any of our projects.
As lovers of design and of the world of two wheels, we do not doubt for an instant to accept this challenge. To create a pure motorcycle, without superfluous elements in which, a person and machine connect with each other.
A 1989 Harley Davidson was taken as the basis for the project, modifying its original geometry and maintaining basic elements, untreated, uncoated, giving the project a special and iconic character. Where original and current elements are mimicked, creating a unique and personalised piece commissioned by the client.
A dark, matte color scheme has been sought, where the polished and irregular oxide of the tank stand out, highlighting the character of the motorcycle and the purring of its engine, as if it were an old rocker, with implacable wrinkles, with the wear of its throat converted into a marvellous and unique voice.

Design: J. David M. Jofre
Copyright: José Urbano