Concrete Lovers
Port of Alcúdia, Mallorca
At Minimal Studio we are pleased to announce the final result of a comprehensive housing reform in Port de Alcúdia, our methodology and aesthetic trend are reflected in each and every one of the corners of the house.

At the beginning of the renovation of the building, the current state was characterized by a classic style, in which the interior partitions predominated, which together with a dark chromatics, gave the space less brightness.

The main objective of the renovation was to provide the house with greater amplitude and brightness in every surface, so the demolition proceeded with much of the interior partitioning as well as all existing cladding, toilets and furniture.

When accessing the house a clearly minimalist aura can be appreciated, the supremacy of white combined with greyish tones from the concrete create a perfect chromatic balance, highlighted by the constant entry of natural light through the large perimeter windows, which give us access to the outside terrace.

A determining factor in the distribution was the proposed change of location of the kitchen, integrating it into the living room, forming the heart of the property. To isolate it from the rest of the house, a perimetral enclosure of laminated glass has been designed, with pivoting closures, which perfectly fulfils the function of isolation without depriving us of the iota of the spectacular panoramic view of the sea.
There is a great sense of spaciousness, caused by the diaphanous space, and the obsession to design a house with great storage capacity, leaving nothing in sight. All the tools of the house remain hidden, through carpentry specially designed to be flush with the wall.

Two existing rooms were grouped in the night area to form the large master bedroom, consisting of a dressing room and en suite bathroom, which stands out for its retro-lit headboard and uncoated ceiling.

The neatness of white and the refined marble contrasts with the brutalism of the bare roof, forming a unique atmosphere.

Each element, each cladding, each mechanism, has been chosen with extreme care, in order to obtain a perfect visual balance in the end.

Furniture has been chosen with translucent materials to provide greater visual lightness as a whole and to enjoy a complete view of the outside from any point in the house.
All the interior carpentry of the house has been designed in white, with hidden frames and hinges, giving a sense of continuity with the rest of the walls of the house.

The exterior carpentry has been replaced in its entirety by aluminum carpentry with thermal bridge break and solar control, combining white and grey tones.

Special attention has been paid to lighting by combining completely embedded elements and elements on the surface, with great light versatility and the ability to create different ambiances in a simple way.

The mechanisms have been chosen in white Corian and chrome for the walls covered in white and polished graphite finish for the greyish walls.

Architect: J. David M.Jofre
Copyright : Art Sanchez Photography