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Traditional evolutionary market concept
Minimal Studio presents Can Matevet, a new commercial project, located in a coastal town in the north of Mallorca.

At all times we have sought to maintain the essence and tradition of the establishment, formerly dedicated to the management and handling of fish. Recreating and radicalizing each of the elements and coatings that make up the premises.
Pure materials have been used, with a minimalist and neat aesthetic endowed by its implicit functionality.

The heart of the establishment is made up of an aged reinforced concrete serpentine table, playing with different planes, which at the same time makes up different environments and scenes in the same room.
Above the bar a shark stands out, virtually recreated from an existing jaw and vandalized with a graffiti style.

The interior and exterior are mimicked and adapted to the painting as an adaptive work of art such as the frontal sea, prioritizing at all times the importance of the concept and fidelity to the original idea.

Project Management & Design: J. David Martínez Jofre
Copyright: Arturo+Lauren