Abra cadabra series
Abra & Cababra- Bewitched by the wild autonomy of detail. 
Susan Sontag
At Minimal Studio we are pleased to present an advance of the new furniture collection 2017. Abra & Cadabra is a set of two polyvalent chairs, designed from rectilinear shapes, which give the structure a remarkable visual lightness.

All its perimeter is formed by a metallic profile of 24mm, uniform in the totality of the two chairs. In combination with aged French oak, a chair with a marked minimalist character is achieved, a geometric spell.
The collection consists of two models. Abra and Cadabra.

Abra - purity, cleanliness and virtue - is differentiated by a support base created from a scalene triangle, enhanced by the neatness of the white present on its entire surface. Allowing the rest of the elements and chromatic to have a greater presence around them.
Cadabra - elegance, sophistication and darkness - is differentiated by its rectangular asymmetric base, and its sober character, highlighted by its dark anthracite grey coating.

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Designer: J. David M. Jofre
Copyright: José Urbano