Integral reform of Barber's Club "The Razor Blade Project”

Integral reform: Barber’s Club “The Razor Blade Project”


When a specific client has created the need, or presents the opportunity, to face a new business venture or business expansion through an integral reform, the first thing that worries him is the total cost that the investment will reach. This final cost or project closure is influenced by an infinity of parameters, which we take care of in our studio, directing and controlling during the course of the work.

For Minimal Studio, the most important thing is to transmit the client’s conceptual ideology; In short, to prolong your personal brand through your business or workspace. This is how we project it with The Razor Blade Project, a traditional barbershop perpetuated by a lineage of barbers, dating from 1929.

At Minimal Studio we specialize in strategic commercial architecture. In our studio, composed of architect, technical architect and engineers, we face all types of architectural projects, such as the residential one.

The importance of image/functionality

The studio seeks a perfect synergy between image and functionality. This search makes more sense in the commercial architecture, which seeks to transmit the brand values ​​of the owner and provide the customer, not just a service, but a unique visual and sensory experience. With the aim of wanting to repeat this experience in the near future.

From the beginning, the objective of the commercial reform that we presented in this article was clear, and it was to create a fusion between the aesthetics of a traditional barber shop and current avant-garde elements. A parallel was sought between the materials and elements that make up the razor of the shaving itself and the cladding that covers the inside of the premises.

In the video you can see the final result of the project where all the rooms are presented and you can see the perfect balance between delicacy and rawness of the materials that form it.