Concrete and wood: Beauty and the beast | Minimal studio

Concrete and wood: Beauty and the beast

Concrete has always been characterized as a cold element, associated with brutalism, with clearly an industrial aesthetic. Largely due to its greyish hue and cold touch. Giving it a rough look, absent of emotions.

At Minimal Studio we use the synergy of materials such as concrete and natural wood, creating a precise balance between the brutality of concrete and the warmth of a material like untreated natural wood. The fusion of these claddings, converts the building materials into decorative elements, often with a sculptural tendency.

The concrete is positioned

After these last years it has been possible to see that concrete gains space among adepts. It is left totally uncovered, delighting us with its natural and unpredictable imperfections. It is not only seen among lovers of extreme minimalism, but also manifested by those who are characterized by other, more sober, architectural styles.

All of building, rehabilitation or precise construction, in the non-negotiable way, of the presence of concrete. So why cover this precious material? At Minimal Studio we do not contemplate committing these series of crimes.


The wood

She, so imperfect, so irregular, affected in excess by climatic variations, changes her mood, even her physiognomy. She, who needs a maintenance newspaper. She, who is clearly affected by the passage of time, where her veins affect her surface as if they were wrinkles on the skin. She, wood.

Noble material par excellence. We forgive all her imperfections for the value she is able to contribute to each of our projects. Her nobility and warmth, her capacity to be moulded, and her great diversity contrast with perfection with rough and brutal materials such as concrete. Uniting the thin line between the brutality and delicacy of these materials.